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Hello World!

Hey guys I am letting you now that this blog website will be coming down in next few weeks time because I shall be having to many website control over the internet so I am decided to have you all moved to my real website called social media marketing expert below this is my link  


Welcome to my first social media experts and I am Ashley Davis I am a social media expertise on the basic different topic and I love creating my own blog that is something I like doing in my own business I am very capable young man and I loved learning so much about things. And how to create my own blog as you know this blog is a just some of information blog put. I will be putting up my real blog website soon so be very patient while I am doing this as a blog information for you guys to know what going ton be happening over the next couple weeks I am still working on my fan pages and my first social media networking for my business.  I love learning so much it makes me feel really good inside but some time it  is hard to keep track of the things that what people saying to me and ask me what I have done in places where ever I go two learn about things and I am  very good graphic designing and I loved my graphic designing it makes me feel like professional.

How did I  classically I  done my creative designs in adobe Photoshop cs6 and it the early years time I had now as a first person to come with some fabulous ideas for my business and I like to share with you guys some my own best graphic designs in the world so please comment on my page and it makes me feel  so proud of the things I do in the world go graphic designing I am very big fan pf graphic designing and I loved to get on the course and start teaching you all how to be so so so so creative you will not believed that you could go away and take some of those ideas from me my blog and say to people this is just a fabulous idea what Ashley Davis done in social media experts marketing business person. with some dreamily good designs in the world put 

I can tell you that you will learn more than you  have learned since you were at others places guys some people say that graphic designs is a very hard thing to do I think and my point fill it is easy than creating. A website or blog that goes to creating a fan page using in your memory  ideas from you head and and in this case of talented I have just started be a creative world talented person to share  some of my best designs. I every done in the months and ran in the years months since 6 weeks was bulling me down on the website in WordPress I have deiced to used Google blogger for the change and it might be better of you guys who's Google blogger been so it working for me any way. In my life of graphic designing I  was so memory myself with the basic tools I  adobe Photoshop cs6 I have such a lovely time using it I loved creating my own things in adobe Photoshop cs6 it is just amazing thing to do in a graphic designs software.
In my life of graphic designing I  was so memory myself with the basic tools I used in adobe Photoshop cs6 I have such a lovely time using it I loved creating my own things in adobe Photoshop cs6 it is just amazing thing to do in a graphic designs software.

 I am over the moon about I  done a designs in adobe Photoshop cs6 I have now making some of this kind of designs two share in the world of talented graphic. designer. I have just success my only first designs learners in the world and I have now decided to start  share with the to the public ideally work I put in my hard pressure hard work. 
So I am making myself for more re-portable for the action of me a first video person in my first business job working from home to help to give something to you guys a very god understanding video what I am talking about and how can makes things more flexible in the video.

In this video it Ashley talking to you guys about the things that will be happening soon so please make sure that you watch it for the first it is my first going on YouTube and I was just so nervous about it put at the end I didn't wasting my time and I just got me on YouTube channel as it was taking me hour have to create a normal video in IMovie using apple mac I buy myself a new laptop because I think I founded so much easy to use and it is so much nicer to be using Apple mac for the first. I am a very nice young man. Who loves to start he's own course even you might know that he is only 20 years of age he is still going to be clever lad in he's whole good wonderful life any way Ashley has been making myself a massive different. 

To he own business learning new skills in he's own time in the year he is always make this video to be the or of next following social media marketing business My business has just started in 2013 but I have spend some of my time doing it as a plan out on my paper I have at home so I was working around the routine to planning the web out and this is what I wanted a website what do the good world a blog and make me anyone proud and provide that a 20 year old young man can classically create a blog for himself.

This is a video of me going over the basic of my business in social media experts  and what would you going to believed. In I am going to tell you that pigs fly in the sky no they don't fly I wish I could fly in the with this video of me inside the video for the first in my life I every know as if it was just going to be me talking like a punch of grab.  No I was talking very clearly and lovely voice as you know some of you know that I might sound bit stupid put I am trying my best at be teaching you guys for the first time every in my life and in your life to achieve my goals and achieve your business work for you guys to learn a lot about me in the world and how I could makes things look more understandable video for you I am welling to be a very good young man to teach you guys how things can make your life so much better without having struggling so much people can always come and have chat about what you need to be done in your business and how to get your business looking great and professional like.

I say the more effort you put into your hard work the more that the blog or website will change automatically  from the site that you are creating on ad working on the site you may need to keep on updated the blog or website yo make sure that everything. Is working perfect guys that the only way to do it updated more and more in 

the day make sure it does go wrong all the time and that why I am doing in on Google blogger all the time is keeping it updated all the time in hours minute second days.

Yeah guys this is a amazing blog I done I hope you all enjoy this blog been so I am grandly  working the blog over 1 half of the week which this week was the last week of hosting it on live and it is the best year to start my bunnies of guys it going to look awesome soon guys when it done and nFice done up pretty. I almost done the hard bit of the designing the blog and it is coming along nice guys yen it guys.

I been planning my blog and decided to fleck it and came up some fabulously idea on using WordPress at first put then. I am not kine on WordPress put I leaked to used Google blogger at the first year of the spring wintry season so I leaked so badly that I could classically get way with it all by using Google blogger.

2011 planning website out or blog out in the year through to the year goes flying like hell does it go so quick when the years goes flying to one place another place in one whole good ago.It impossible for a single 20 year old young kid planning that early on creating a blog what do you all think this is just crazy like hell guys planning a website the year of 21 years old boy planning a website or blog for whole year in the years time already that is amazing thing for a 18 year old do that in the year what do you accepted talented guys don't you think that people. 

2012 second year of planning a website or blog in the years time although it is possibilities that things does get frustrated at time put it worth a challenge planning out a blog this is just a boring year last year planning out a website or blog it just not a amazing thing to do in the year. 

here are the meaning off planning myself a business history coming soon keywords  

I have leaked two start that time since I was just been dreaming about the the business planning well do you what guys I have no choice on 

HI guys it is 20 may and I am letting you know that my first courses is starting today  so if you head over to youtube and just wait for couple hours I will be getting my video sorted and filming it and then I will let you know that my first courses is starting now than ever all wires you guys will not learn anything at all would you and I am sorry for the delay of starting my late courses put I am now starting it now I mean right now so guys just head over to YouTube and I will try and get the video connected up and uploaded first courses 1 one step by step courses. 
this is Facebook for those who don't now how to setup Facebook account to chat with friends this is the right course for you. 

HI guys and I have some very good news my first video as just started on the 20th of may 2013 which was monday 1 day of doing my new course talking about my blog so I can get even more people to like the blog when they come and land on it straight away guys thousand visitor page viewers  my blog website  thank you so much for the millions of people viewing the page thank you guys I really can't wait have my business in the world of life and top business experts in the world guys.

Comment are now open to the public if you wanted to comment that fine to me but if you don't then that not a problem with that any way guys so I hope you all like my blog website I know it changing I am trying to make it look good so you guys got what the blog looks in real business of this.

HI I have to tell you that this is a first video created and it will be heading over to YouTube tomorrow night around about 8 clock on the even so please make sure you are head over tomorrow night good video creating by Ashley Davis the social media experts business man.

Other things is I am making sure that this is going to be updated through the year guys so you know what going on my business course and I will be just keeping updated with the new video coming soon and some very excitement video coming soon. And there is so many updated going on this blog soon guys so don't worry about  to be updating my website blog any way guys I have things that is more important than sitting on my laptop doing this as a business I have so many places and other things to be doing put I am not having a yellow at you guys I am trying to explain that this is still  be updated what going on guys okay. 


I like to say happy holiday from the social media experts Business man and I am a very happy to be working through the holiday to keep you all update to the things what is really going to happen. 

hey guys I am very sorry if you are starting to read the last post the last post is nothing more than what I am about to tell you now and it is coming up to Christmas and there is a sale coming soon before end of this and I will make sure that my customers are going to loved this one and I hope that my new website is going to be back live tomorrow night and I am very happy about that any way and I hope that my new website will be more better than this one and don't if you are really not getting any where this year with your marketing but telling you that I am not wasting any more of my own time like I did last couple weeks ago and I am on the board  now to get all of my videos done and I am on the board of getting some one to write up a step by step guide to sell on my half of my own marketing website.

hey guys I am announcing some of new thing what going to happen today been so it coming up to Christmas and I am welling to be putting up a normal little radio jingle advertisement in between any way soon as tonight been so I am not going have he time later.

Just letting you know that there will be announcement for the new year seasonal and there will be or might be a webniar coming out soon been so this year is my end of my finishing of my videos and getting it up and ready for the next year coming in 2014 so please be aware that there will be a email available for you can contact me when every you have any question's or anything you like to ask me do a video on for you all any way and I will be happy to create video on the topic that is included in marketing from home any way. 

hello everyone and welcome back to new year of marketing and I am just announcing that my three blogs in Wordpress  has been gone for good and secondly the company I have to used for free hosting company is gone and that company wasn't any good at all so please e aware of that because it not fair for me to work hard on my blog and then  whole the Wordpress is gone when I was trying to edited in Wordpress coding area any way and but I liked to say that there is new product will be heading your way soon in the next couple weeks and I mean you all going to go made like hell and you all going to be learning something new skills and achieving it at the same time so please be hones that you are going to loved it and I am just about creating the product which will take me weeks and weeks to build any way.

hello everyone i hope been a marketer better than 9 to 5 job and i have got my new website blog up go go go togo go go and checked it for your look around the blog.

hello everyone and welcome to my life of marketing from home and teaching everyone the truth pop over to my new website that been created from myself and there are tons of fab informations about marking from home and you never going to say never again from working from home to home business quit your job this week and start learning from home business.  and also there is a new presentations out sooner enough for those who wanted the truth about home business not a grab one like I am getting from lies to lies every days and single weeks any way people proof it is possible to work from home and I am now going to be telling everyone on this blog that there is one way and another from starting earning income online and there is another way around of quoting your 9 to 5 job for good and mean it for good good good good no one is going to be able to even work from 9 to 5 hours job anymore it truth and the proof yen it people.